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Hospital Gas Distribution

GCE helps the installers to fulfill installation standard ISO 7396 and national installation standards with secure products where testing protocol guarantee great production testing. Our range is covering complete solutions of Hospital gas distribution systems from high pressure manifolds, stabilizers, accessories, alarm systems, ball valves, shut off valve boxes, pressure watches to gas outlets all in accordance with European legislation.

Manifolds systems are providing the source of the medical gases in hospitals. Main function is reducing pressure from high pressure cylinders to the pressure level which is possible to use in the hospital pipe line. Manifolds have to fulfill the strict requirements of the medical installation standards and of course safety of all patients in the hospital.

Emergency shut off valve systems are provided to isolate sections of the pipeline distribution system for maintenance, repair, planned future extensions and to facilitate periodic testing.

Medical gas outlets are providing quick and easy connecting of hospital ward gas equipment to the hospital gas source. Type of medical gas outlets are decided by the national standards in each country.